Artist • Poet • Storyteller

"My paintings speak of ancient myths, of deserts and half moons.
They speak of yesterday's times, of silences and the winds,
Of suns and labyrinths, of birds and mythical creatures.
They speak of surfaces worn by time, and of the Shaman's drum.
My paintings speak of me."

Terry Durham (1936-2013) is an internationally renowned English artist, poet and vocalist.

Terry’s unique artistic style is vibrant, imaginative and features aspects of abstract and figurative art, cubism and symbolism. His work was exhibited in the UK and worldwide and his influences included Klee, Picasso, Gauguin and Matisse, and Aboriginal, American and African art.

His music, which includes the solo album Crystal Telephone produced under the Deram label in 1969, still enjoys a cult following, with tracks regularly played on BBC 6 Music. Terry was also a vocalist for 1970s band Storyteller.

He passed away in December 2013 and is missed by all who knew him. His name lives on through his extraordinary artwork and music and his friends and family.